I am Georges P. Duverger.

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Software engineer at eBay (previously Hunch). I design and build web products. I experiment with nutrition and quantified self. I can predict the Oscar winners.

  1. Ask “Do You Like X?”, Not “What Do You Like?”
    I recently sat in a user testing session for a project I am working on at eBay. This new product initially prompted participants to add their interests (e.g., handbags, comic books) to a list. This task turned out to be more difficult than we anticipated.
    July 19
  2. The Strange Case of Ellis v. City of Grand Rapids
    While reading about the Constitution of the United States, I stumbled upon the following case. In 1966, the city of Grand Rapids demanded that a landowner sell his property to a Catholic hospital based on the Preamble of the Constitution.
    July 2
  3. 3 Things I Believe
    I have been working in the Web industry for more than 5 years—3 startups, 2 countries, 1 acquisition—but until now I never took the time to write down what I believe in (professionally, at least).
    June 21
Inspired by Oliver Reichenstein, Dustin Curtis, Chris Dixon, and Ryan Singer. Forked from David Albert.