Georges Duverger

I am Georges Duverger.

Technical Product Manager (Nautilus Labs, Phosphorus). Software Engineer (eBay, Hunch). Maker (Crono, Fitmeal).

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5 Million Calories Later

I left eBay last June to focus on my own project in the nutrition and health space. I am now at the 6 month mark—as good a time as any to have a brief look back.

From machine learning algorithms to digestive disorders, I learned a ton over the past few months. I made a point of meeting smart people every week, not only to learn from their experiences, but also to challenge and refine my own thoughts. I built a text messaging service for on-demand nutrition facts, and released it to beta testers.

The quantified version:

I am very excited for 2016. Digital health is seeing a huge amount of innovation. Messaging platforms and conversational interfaces are getting a lot of attention. As for my project, this new year has already brought me some great developments that I am looking forward to sharing with you soon.

But for now, I want to thank the supportive friends, fellow makers, and accidental mentors with whom I have had encouraging and insightful discussions along the way.

As always, please send me an email to let me know what you think.

January 26
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