Georges Duverger

I am Georges Duverger.

Technical Product Manager (Nautilus Labs, Phosphorus). Software Engineer (eBay, Hunch). Maker (Crono, Fitmeal).

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3 Things I Believe

I have been working in the Web industry for more than 5 years—3 startups, 2 countries, 1 acquisition—but until now I never took the time to write down what I believe in (professionally, at least).

I believe information needs to be accessible. A significant amount of innovation comes from discovering new sources of information and making them readily available to a large audience (e.g., astronomy). Accessible information is also less likely to be incorrect, at the very least, because more people can fact-check it.

I believe understanding information is progress. Data visualization, by itself, is rarely enough to gain knowledge. Insights come from interpretation. Sharing such work saves newcomers time and help fields of study move forward. However, it can also be used as a competitive advantage (e.g., PageRank).

I believe progress is a step toward wisdom. Progress is an onward movement toward a destination. It is worth significantly more when wisdom is the destination. In that regard, it is critical to question the end goal of any innovation (e.g., would society be better off with x?).

There is still information in our world that is not being extracted, made accessible, or understood properly. This is an opportunity for all of us to improve our everyday lives.

June 21
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