2. by Georges Duverger
  3. I have always loved working on side projects. It has been a great source of learning and opened many professional doors. The challenge is that I have more ideas than time. Help me decide which project I should focus on in 2020.
  4. Find API

  5. Think Ctrl F as a service. Give it a string, a URL, or a PDF and it returns all the named entities you care about (persons, locations, organizations, products, etc.). I built a specialized version of it for food, restaurants, and quantities while working on Fitmeal. Would it be valuable to generalize it so developers don't have to deal with NLP libraries and complicated regexes?
  6. API paywall

  7. If you have ever built an API you know that authentication, rate limits, and billing are crucial pieces but tedious and generic components to implement. What if a proxy handled all that? Like Kong but lightweight and developer-friendly. As collateral, it would be a good place to offer API documentation and testing. I prototyped a minimal version of it.
  8. Visual strategy

  9. I have been experimenting with a visual way to define (what to do?), execute (is it done?), and validate (did it work?) a company's strategy. A living document that ties together an organization's mission, OKRs, and roadmap. An “action plan” for product teams.
  10. Web cron

  11. Like cron but online. I already built an API to do programmatic, time-based job scheduling. I started to implement a Python client library but I haven't found the right use cases for it, yet. Online cron services, on the other hand, are something people currently use. What if I simply build a better web app on top of that API?
  12. Issue tracker

  13. Jira is ripe for disruption. It is a big opportunity because tech teams spend a significant amount of time in that software. Others have noticed (Linear, Height) but, from what I can see, they are all building a “faster horse.” Instead, I would like to rethink it entirely from a JTBD angle.

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