1. Georges Duverger

  2. Director of Product at Draftbit (YC W18)
  3. Previously Software Engineer at eBay and Hunch
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  5. I was a software engineer for 10 years before moving to product management in 2015. I worked at 5 tech startups: Akoha, Hunch, Phosphorus, Nautilus Labs, and currently Draftbit. Through the acquisition of Hunch, I also spent 4 years at eBay.
  6. I started a SaaS business, Fitmeal, as a solo founder. It had 4,000 users and taught me a lot about entrepreneurship. I've made other products since, most of them around data and APIs.
  7. I like to break down product management into 3 fundamental questions. What to do? Is it done? Did it work? That separation of concerns has been a pivotal insight in my career. I write about my process here.
  8. Side projects

  9. Fitmeal Food diary via SMS
  10. Crono Schedule jobs programmatically
  11. Backslash CSS for technologists
  12. localStorage Spaced repetition emails
  13. Unique Baby Names Baby names by popularity
  14. Northeast Goal management tool (in development)
  15. Screen CSS for desktops, tablets, and phones
  16. PlainChart Text-based charting utility
  17. Control-F Find and replace API
  18. Print Simple logging API
  19. Blog posts

  20. CSS for Technologists
  21. Tracking Bugs at Draftbit
  22. How Well your Product is Really Doing
  23. Email Your Memory
  24. The 3 D's Ruining your Team
  25. How to Manage Product
  26. Elevate and Delegate
  27. 5 Startup Ideas
  28. What is Product Management?
  29. DIY Business Emails
  30. Baby Names for Analytical Parents
  31. The Secret API of Banks
  32. Comptes de Campagne
  33. 5 Million Calories Later
  34. No More Calorie Counting
  35. Nutrition, Quantified Self, and Machine Learning
  36. Ask “Do You Like X?”, Not “What Do You Like?”
  37. The Strange Case of Ellis v. City of Grand Rapids
  38. 3 Things I Believe

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