1. Georges Duverger

  2. Head of Product at Draftbit (YC W18). Ex-engineer at eBay and Hunch (acquired). Butter enthusiast at Telegram Cookies. Twin dad. French.
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  4. CSS for Technologists
  5. Tracking Bugs at Draftbit
  6. How Well your Product is Really Doing
  7. Email Your Memory
  8. The 3 D's Ruining your Team
  9. How to Manage Product
  10. Elevate and Delegate
  11. 5 Startup Ideas
  12. What is Product Management?
  13. DIY Business Emails
  14. Baby Names for Analytical Parents
  15. The Secret API of Banks
  16. Comptes de Campagne
  17. 5 Million Calories Later
  18. No More Calorie Counting
  19. Nutrition, Quantified Self, and Machine Learning
  20. Ask “Do You Like X?”, Not “What Do You Like?”
  21. The Strange Case of Ellis v. City of Grand Rapids
  22. 3 Things I Believe

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